Little Ghouls

Julia and I have always felt that we have lived through quite a lot of time periods in our past lives. The nostalgia we feel from seemingly random memorabilia stems from memories older than those of our childhood. From aged scientology books to 1800's German baby dolls, the old relics we gravitate to send us messages and we have discovered that the more we listen and inspect to the root of this gravity the more immersed we become in a magical space that simply depends on us to exist. We once came across a music box that was evidently fractured. It was missing what we believe must have been a Christmas carousel horse- as the music it played was merry-go-round reminiscent with a festive charm. For a strange reason we gravitated to it and despite it's eerie quality- bought it to add to our collection without hesitation. We believe that the strange little something we feel within us as a human species with a lost sixth sense should not be left un-addressed and instead we should inspect and nurture them- those pulls of nature- with a eager eyes, curiosity, an open mind and an open heart. Everything is our reflection and every invite is an opportunity to grow and explore the depths of our existence. This is the way we acquire our items in our ever-growing collection of antiqued treasures. The world we create with our artwork is the space where all these seemingly miscellaneous and impossible things can all make sense as they materialize our vision of what we see just beyond the veil of reality. The reoccurring symbols and themes related to fairytales and magic are drawn from our memories- a foundational part of our creative process. It almost feels as though we are filtering the world through our childhood eyes to see that the magic simply has to be believed in order to be real. The imagination realm is a foggy playground of forbidden gardens that we used to play in as children. It will always be there for us to cling to and we can meet eachother there in any moment. This has lead us to take on the dream we have to materialize the world we share as twin sisters. Devoted to our craft and our character we are on a quest to keep our gardens of thorn bush and labrynths of birch trees alive and open for the world to explore. 


  • I adore this shop! The prints I purchased are lovely. The quality of the artwork is phenomenal. The perfume oils are wonderful as well. Each scent is so unique. I received my orders quickly. I love the cute packaging as well. Julia and Joanna are the sweetest!

    Grace Burress
  • Your roll on perfumes sound fantastic. Everything sold in stores stinks of floral gardens, fruit salads, or misogynistic cigar bars. Do you have any scents more popular with male customers? Thanks

  • Hi there,

    Your artwork is amazing! I was wondering if you do custom artwork? Would love to hear from you.

    Many thanks,

    Sander Herman
    The Netherlands

    Sander Herman
  • I love your product and would like to get in touch with you concerning a recent order .. please contact me :-)

  • Hello ladies,

    my perfume box package for some reason was not delivered to me, here was my tracking number 9400110202079074698322, is their any way to resend it back to my address again? which is PO BOX 31499 LOS ANGELES CA 90031

    andrea estrella

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