Benjamin's Briar
Benjamin's Briar
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Benjamin's Briar

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Benjamin's Briar 10 mL roll on perfume

Benjamin was a rabbit
Proper and prestine
His bow tie was sharp
His fingernails clean.
He smiled quite seldom 
But oh when he did
His mouth unzipped slow 
From eye lid to Eye lid-
Revealing yellow muted splinters 
Jagged and long
And two incisors six inches and strong.
His fingers curls tight around this fork and his knife
His ritual cuisine; the delight of his life.
All the sweets and the tartes 
And the elegant cakes
Would waltz and pirouette on his filigree plates.
Though eerie and strange and seemingly menacing 
Benjamin was quaint; not an ounce of threatening. 
His large black eyes
Though dark as inky mire
Spoke "welcome my friend, please have all that you desire"
His table of dining spread for miles and more
For his briar was a deed of forgotten lore. //
Scented of pastel treats, early grey, moist earth, and abundant garden 

Perfume oils perform at their peak when warm:

Roll bottle between your hands and turn upside down a few times to mix the oils before rolling onto your pulse points. (don't shake, this may cause air bubbles). 

(Contains coconut oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janet Rasmussen
Obsessed with this!

I absolutely adore this scent! I am not good at describing - but it is spicy and earthy and woodsy…..I love it! 💕

Anja Rice
spiced dirt :)

Smells like sweet nutmeg and earthworms. Not quite as floral/grassy as I would have expected based on the description but very accurate all the same; moist earth and spiced treats are genuine and prominent. Reminds me of cinnamon, gingerbread, and digging up mushrooms in the backyard. Delightful!

Reviewer avatar
Cat Bishop
Earthy tones / sweet

This is such a lovely scent it reminds me of a rainy day mixed with sweet flowers. I love it it gives off a stunning vanilla musk scent. I wear this allll the time. GET IT :))

A Scent so Divine

Next to Baby’s Breath, this scent is perfection and reminds me of ginger snap cookies and molasses. I love it!!