Forest Dweller

Forest Dweller

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Forest Dweller oil perfume ♡

10 mL bottle with roll on applicator 

Frosted pine, clove, winter moss, cinnamon, nutmeg 

Venture into the deep woods and connect with your soul self. Allow the spirit creature of the forest to guide you.

Perfume oils perform at their peak when warm:

Roll bottle between your hands and turn upside down a few times to mix the oils before rolling onto your pulse points. (don't shake, this may cause air bubbles). 

made with love and gloom 

(Contains coconut oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It was lovely

A little strong on the cinnamon but thats just my personal opinion. I love the scent so much though.

Kylie Thomas
My favorite!

This is my favorite perfume by far that the Ghouls make. I was obsessed with Cursed Cottage and Baba Yaga, but once I received this bottle, it was all over. This scent is cinnamon heavy, and it is the first note you’ll notice. What sets this scent apart is the pine and clove lurking just underneath. It adds just enough to make Forest Dweller complex and utterly unique. There’s no scent quite like it. I also find that it lasts a very long time, which is fantastic! If you prefer lighter scents, I would suggest something else, but if you are like me, and you like woodsy or gourmand perfumes without the unwelcome floral/fresh notes that so many companies add to them, this is the one.

Mariah Zacher
love it

this is my new favorite perfume! it’s perfect for winter or christmas. it smells like a magical forest!

Running through a forest 😍

I swear I was hesitant at first because I’m not into cinnamon as much. But THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVS !!! It has a slight cinnamon smell and pine but also gives off a sweet scent too it’s hard to describe but I absolutely love it. It’s such a beautiful scent and I’ve been wearing it since I got it !

Vanessa Medina

By far one of my favorite scent! I wear it everyday!